I am Lourie Close Abadia
I am Living Up Close

After a childhood of abuse, poverty, and training to be silent, I did more than 20 years of personal work and research to find my own voice and learn to use it with confidence. Since then, I have built a successful career, developed a thriving business, and created fulfilling bonded relationships.

I created Living Up Close with the mission of doing what I love most; helping others get excited about finding their own superpowers and transforming their pain and fear into strengths. Seeing my clients create a life filled with joy is what motivates me to share my personal story and provide effective coaching services. I can’t wait to see how I can empower you, too!
I live in San Francisco and when I’m not working with clients, I’m either painting, hiking, or spending time with Living Up Close’s official mascot, my adorable cat named George. See what I’ve been up to on Instagram or Facebook

Join me in living a more fulfilled life! 

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You can direct any of your questions about me or my coaching services to livingupclose@gmail.com

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