Upcoming Events
  • When Women Speak Summit 
    July 25th 9 AM - 4 PM
    A summit featuring Lourie Abadia of Living Up Close and other inspiring speakers who will address COVID’s economic and work/life impact on women.

    When You Leave This Summit You Will Be Able To:
    Confidently Run for Public Office
    Take on equity, inclusivity, and racism in your school districts
    Launch your business or pivot your career (yes, even in time of crisis – hear from women who are doing it.)
    And transform your stress and anxiety into your own strength, and calm.
  •  Foundation:
    A five week focused series to identify your strengths, settle into your purpose and get confident in your voice to create and consistently meet your goals. https://www.livingupclose.com/foundation

    Contrary Girls: 
    A 3 Day crash course on what it means to find your voice and share it with confidence. Coming soon!

    CGs For Life: 
    Weekly virtual coffee to reinforce, brainstorm and support our ability as women to keep sharing our voices and dreaming big dreams. (Available after completion of a prior workshop or coaching.) Coming soon!

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